Saturday, September 26, 2015

Finally Done .. Or well Almost

So I finally got tired of looking at the not even half done side of the house. Add to that the need to sweat out the last of this cold I have been dealing with and well you get the following.

This is where I left it off how ever long ago and where I started today. The recent rains have ensured the faux gardenia plantings survived.

After mush needed sweat and stuff the edging blocks were finally in the ground and round up applied. Normally I am not a fan of round up, but considering I will not be growing food here it is worth the lack of hassle to get the unwanted green things dead.

And the last step of adding mulch is done. I still need to pick up one or two more bags to complete it, but close enough. I am still deciding on what other plants I want to add here for color and contrast etc. I also put another cutting of faux gardinia in the ground.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Reality Check

You don't realize the pain you have lived in until you encounter someone who hasn't

You don't realize the levels you have accepted until you encounter someone who hasn't

You don't realize a lot of things until reality checks in and shows you different. The young remind you of a future that could have been, a wish unfulfilled. The older show you what happens when a dream is put on hold.

But neither show you how they got from point A to point B. Why I can only guess at, but I would have to say regret and shame play a roll, but yet how can one be ashamed of ones kids. For many for go their dreams for the chance of a future,  a future embodied in children.

Is that why parents live vicariously thru their kids or others?

Can one blame a person for not committing as deeply? When all is knows is humiliation and degradation?

Is perhaps the "micro-aggression" fad an attempt to bring to light the consequences of a groups lack of an ability to empathises?

Is that why once you hit a certain age you live more for the story than the actuality?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pressure Washing and Blow Drying

So today I decided to go meet some new peoples in Orlando, FL. It was a great time and I completely enjoyed not having to worry about silly high school politics from work... oh did I actually put that out there .. yep.

So on the way home, this being Florida and all, I managed to get soaked to the bone 3 times and blow dried twice.

I'd say it was an excellent day.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Grinding Fun

Its been a while since i have been able to work on the boat. This morning I woke up early and ready to go, so I got some more done.

I got all suited up

 And proceeded to continue to remove the paint from the boat. Only the pad I was using was not making much progress.

So I switched to a Medium grit (80) sanding pad

Now My brother who has given me all kinds of information about this warned me to becareful with the sanding pad as it will eat thru the hull. Well I thought I was doing good, but after the dust cleared and I washed down the work area I found this.

I had successfully ground a slight hole into the side of the boat. More glass work pratice :-)

Here is a picture of all that I was able to clean off today.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Transome Fun and Billowing Clouds

Well I finally was able to make some time to contiue working on the boat.

Today i was able to complete the tear out of the old transome wood.

And I cleaned out some more trash from in the boat

After all of that fun I suited up in my best impression of the stay puff marshmellow man or is it crazy stalker in white? Either way head to toe as much covered as possible in white, I kept asking myself, why white? Aren't I white enough?  Just so I can get some of the truck bed liner that was put on the boat removed. I worked as long as i could stand the heat and was wringing wet by the time I was done.

I am glad I have already made up my mind to strip this one down to the bones. As I have already found some hidding holes in the side of the boat. Also after washing it down and seeing all the seep marks .... yep that whole bottom is getting reglassed. I was not able to move fast enough to get a picture of the seeping, but i do have a picture of those holes. In all Honesty the holes are probably patched correctly, but why chance it?

Friday, June 12, 2015

Side Tracked

Due to the up coming party this month I let myself get a bit side tracked this morning instead of using the coolness to work some more on the boat I used it to work some on the side of my house.

I am putting in a planter so that I can shade the south side of my house from the sun and make it easier to mow by evening up things.

I didnt have enough rock in my stash pile to complete it, so I will need to dump out my planters and grab the rock under them to finish. As I am no longer using them it will not be a big loss to me, but where to put the dirt?